From the moment we made the decision to create Cruising Crepes and Churros, we also made the decision to do the best we could for the environment, Placencia Village, and Belize on a larger scale. That is why when it was time to choose what kind of Food Truck we needed, an Electric Food Truck was the way to go. We wanted to use as much renewable energy as possible, and avoid being too loud. The Cruising Crepes and Churros truck runs on batteries as do all the electrical appliances powered by 4 solar panels installed on the roof of the truck. You can stop by and have a talk with Jack to learn more about that, and you can ask us for a quick phone charge while you wait for your Crepe and Churro.

Beyond the actual power needed for the Food Truck, packaging was another consideration that needed lots of thought to be as Green as possible. All of our packaging is 100% biodegradable, we do not use any plastic coatings. Our crepes are easy to hold in your hands and eat, so no plastic utensils are needed.

When it comes to drinks, we are still working on options, for now, when you bring your own reusable cup we have cold water available (local tap water from a natural spring just across the lagoon), if you don’t have your own cup, we are can provide a disposable one for a charge. If you use one of our cups, they are corn-based plastics… its the best we can do for now. Also, we do not give out straws.

Finally, the back of the house, this is a challenge, but thanks to our vendors, we are moving to reusable packaging in as many things as we can, and we will continue to ask our vendors to help us achieve our goals.