Placencia’s Electric mobile Food Truck specializes in French Crepes and Spanish Churros, using the best ingredients Belize has to offer. We, Nina and Jack, have traveled the world and want to bring you an awesome array of both sweet and savory flavors to tantalize your taste-buds.

Jack is from New Zealand, he spent most of his life traveling around the South Pacific and Asia. Recently, Jack made his first trip over the Pacific to the Americas in search for a new home. This search brought him to Belize where he decided to stay and enjoy Belize and all it has to offer.

Nina, a native Colombian, has spent most of her life traveling the world from end to end, but always looking for a relaxed lifestyle that eluded her. When she arrived in Belize, and traveled the country, she knew this was the sort of place she had been searching for, and like Jack, decided to stay, and make it home.